Covid-19 Social Impact Actions

Fomento San Sebastian launches a new program: Covid-19 Social Impact Actions

Fomento San Sebastian, as the Economic Development and Innovation Agency of the city, is one of the public institutions that must directly act to overcome the crisis generated by the Covid-19 virus.

Companies, Research Centres, Entrepreneurs, local commerces, but also the citizens are directly affected by this crisis, and Fomento San Sebastian has designed and launched an Economic Plan to try to help mitigate the effects of this situation.

From a social perspective, this crisis has led to new and unprecedented situations and challenges, where innovative projects conceptualized in collaborative processes, and with a technological component, are needed.

This analysis led Fomento San Sebastian to launch a totally new Fund, called Covid-19 Social Impact Actions. The aim is to encourage the emergence of projects that meet the 5 following criterias: detect a social challenge, work on a innovative solution in a collaborative process, include technology driven elements, look for a social impact.

A maximum of 20 grants will be available, up to a maximum of 1.500 euros per project. The idea is not only to develop new ideas that help fight against social issues derived from the Covid-19 crisis, but also encourage new sinergies and ways of tackling city problems.

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