Enterprise Europe Network 2021 Annual Conference

30th September 2021, 15:45 – 17:15

SESSION: Social Innovation: Companies creating added value for society

In the framework of this year’s EEN Annual Conference, on the 30th of September, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (SEZ) will co-organise a thematic session, in which EEN Members will learn more about opportunities related to Social Innovation from European Projects outcomes. Building upon this topic, SEZ experts will moderate the discussions and introduce presentations from EU Commission experts, EEN key members, and Social Innovation experts.

All interested EEN Members are invited to extend their knowledge on Social Innovation and to find insights on how to support SMEs in creating added value for society.

“In this session, EEN partners will introduce their service packages on social innovation towards SME. Social Innovation can offer new business models or competitive advantages for SME, attract new clients and create social awareness. The presented services have been piloted in different projects and results/impact for SME are presented

Business photo created by jannoon028 – www.freepik.com