Friuli Innovazione virtual roundtable

DepoSIt project is one of the topics discussed by Friuli Innovazione during a recent regional virtual roundtable titled “WORK IS CALLING, WHO’S ANSWERING?” with more than 40 participants among representatives of regional and local authorities, public administration, universities, vocational training centres, social cooperatives, professional groups and social work organisations.

Claudia Baracchini, Friuli Innovazione senior project manager, during her speech “Develop business through social innovation: BEST, SIAA and DepoSIt projects” presented DepoSIt and its partnership to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region stakeholders, underlining the importance of the main goal about enhancing the number of innovation projects from SMEs manufacturers addressing societal challenges.

Social Innovation is, indeed, one of the priorities for Friuli Innovazione research and technology transfer center, that is implementing several EU funded initiatives that aim to develop tools and new approaches to enhance entreprenuers awarenes about this topic.