kick off meeting

Kick-off and fist Steering Committee (SC) meeting was held on 26.09.2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, attended by the core partners.

The main expected impact emerged from this meeting is to help SMEs to fully realise their potentials and overcome market failures specific to them. Innovation support agencies play a substantial role as intermediates for SME innovation by designing and delivering the innovation support programmes. However, despite the recent strong engagements and delivery of diverse innovation support schemes, addressing different innovation challenges, innovation support agencies still lack in a provision of evidence-based results which will demonstrate effectives of these newly developed schemes.

With an aim of addressing these key challenges – creating an evidence-based innovation support scheme and comprising two central aspects (economic and social), DepoSIt Project objectives to develop a significantly improved innovation support scheme – Innovation Audit tool for Social Innovation and test it in a real environment conditions. By the application of Randomised Control Trial (RCT) method, six DepoSIt Project partners from six EU countries, active and experienced in design and delivery of innovation support programmes, will test the scheme by engaging min. 60 SMEs and in this way examine its effectives. Successful experimentation results will lead to the scheme validation and its upscaling. Furthermore, the Project aims to serve as a best practice example in this way to stimulate and deploy additional innovation agencies to become more effective and efficient in design, delivery and especially in experimentation of designed innovation support schemes.