San Sebastián uses its economic reactivation plan to restart the online training and advisory plan for businesses

Free online training and advisory sessions are available again to provide businesses in the city with tools to help them overcome the period of crisis occasioned by Covid-19. The Department of Economic Promotion has again deployed, via Fomento de San Sebastián, an online training programme for city businesses and entrepreneurs in the city, with useful contents and renowned personalities, to help the business fabric address the situation ushered in by Covid-19 in the best possible conditions, to adapt, transform, and boost their competitiveness. The scheme is based on an offer of webinars on key topics for the various economic sectors of the city which, in most cases, will also have a customised expert advisory facility for each company.

Economic Promotion councillor Enrique Ramos said: “this programme is in response to the commitment we acquired with the city’s economic fabric, to seek out and further innovation to move forward and adapt to an extremely complex environment. We also want to continue to assist innovative projects which for some time now have formed part of Fomento San Sebastián’s innovation strategy, through a number of programmes such as Innplanta, Talento Innovador, EKin+ etc. With these goals in mind, we have drawn up a new online training schedule for the months ahead to provide contents for all the major economic sectors in San Sebastián”.

The online training plan focuses on several key topics:

  • Business Model
  • Strategic change and design of new services and products.
  • Digitalisation and incorporation of technology.
  • Organisational change and implementation of skills for human resources.

The offer of contents, which has a transversal dimension in key aspects for companies, also features sectoral sessions in connection with the specific challenges of major economic sectors in San Sebastián such as retail and hospitality, or those operated through clusters: surfing, the food and agriculture sector, the smart sector or fashion. The scheme includes sessions on the funding of business projects through the “Acelera Pyme” programme, or the problems arising from the utilisation of technology services based in the United States following the derogation of the laws regulating them.

The duration of the open sessions will be between 45 and 75 minutes. Participants headquartered in San Sebastián can apply for an additional customised advisory service subsequently of up to two hours. The goal is to provide an advanced service catering for the needs and challenges of each company or business project which meets the criteria.

The service is offered online on the Fomento de San Sebastián website, and businesses or interested parties simply select the events in which they wish to take part, and complete a form. This online training programme is another tool on San Sebastián’s Economic Reactivation Plan, PREK, set up to combat the crisis occasioned by Covid-19.